StoryCorps / William Lynn Weaver

StoryCorps / William Lynn Weaver

December 28, 2017

William Lynn Weaver #

It’s a small neighborhood so we find out where the kid lives who has the bike and it’s a shack in an alley. Now, my brother and I, we’re going to beat this boy but my father was there and he said, ’Just shut up and let me talk.’

  • shack (noun. C) - a very simple and small building made from pieces of wood, metal, or othermaterials

So we knock on the door and this old black guy comes on a cane.

  • cane (noun. C) - a long stick used especially by old,ill, or blind people to help them walk

My father tells my mother and she doesn’t say anything. She just starts cutting the turkey in half and all the fixings. She started packing it up. My father went to the coal yard and got a big bag of coal.

  • fixing
  • coal (nonu. C/U) - a hard, black substance that is dugfrom the earth in pieces, and can beburned to produce heat or power, or asingle piece of this

My father was a chauffeur; my mother was a domestic, so we didn’t have a lot of stuff.

  • chauffeur (nonu. C) - someone whose job is to drive a car for a rich or important person
  • domestic (noun. C old-fashioned) - domestic help someonepaid to do work, such as cleaning andcooking, in someone else’s house



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