StoryCorps / Kristin Glasgow and Karen Offutt

Kristin Glasgow and Karen Offutt #

I was an executive stenographer.

  • executive (adj.) 行政
  • stenographer (n.) 速記員

I had top secret “eyes only” clearance.

  • clearance (n. U) - official permission for something or the stateof having satisfied the official conditions of something.

Next to us there was a hamlet, and it housed a lot of people.

  • hamlet (n. C) - a small village, usually without a church

I think talking to veterans… I went to the Moving Wall…

  • veteran (n. C)
    • a person who has had a lot of experience of aparticular activity
    • [us informal vet] someone who has been in thearmed forces during a war
  • the Moving Wall

This man came up and put his arm around me and he said, ”Welcome home, sister.” And I just started bawling because nobody had ever welcomed me home.

  • bawl (v.) - to cry loudly
    • bawl sb. out - to tell someone angrily that something they have done is wrong