StoryCorps / Alan Stepakoff and Josh Stepakoff

Alan Stepakoff and Josh Stepakoff #

I remember playing capture the flag and I looked up and I saw somebody who was holding something at his hip. I thought it was a power drill.

  • capture the flag - a traditional outdoor game often played by children where two teams each have a flag and the objective is to capture the other team’s flag.
  • hip (n. C) - the area below the waist and above the legsat either side of the body, or the joint thatconnects the leg to the upper part of the body
  • drill (n. C) - a tool or machine that makes holes

It started out as a normal morning , dropping my children off at camp, and ended up at the hospital.

  • start out - to begin your life, or the part of your life when you work, in a particular way
  • drop off - to start to sleep
  • end up - to finally be in a particular place or situation

You know, there definitely was not any manual of how to deal with this as a parent.

  • manual (n. C) - a book that gives you practical instructionson how to do something or how to use something, such as a machine

I took you to a Civil War reenactment and when the cannons started firing, you jumped in my arms and we got in the car and drove as far away as we could.

  • re(-)enactment (n. C) - an occasion on which people re-enact an event

I don’t know whether you’ve ever envisioned yourself as a family man — married, children — would you tell this to your child?

  • envision (verb. envisage@UK) - to form a mental picture of something or someone you have never seen

I go back and forth with that.

  • forth (adv.) - (from a place) out or away, or (from a point in time) forward

Do you see yourself counseling these kind of people in the future?

  • counsel (verb.) - to give advice, especially on social or personalproblems

Half of me says yes and half of me says no, partially because I almost think that I won’t be able to differentiate my life from theirs.

  • differentiate (verb.) - to make someone or something different